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As a general rule, video calls should be reserved for important meetings, such as team touchpoints and key project kick-offs. Audio-only calls can cover the rest of your meetings, such as one-on-ones and daily huddles. Embracing remote work comes with its own set of benefits and challenges, impacting both employees and employers in various ways. Understanding these aspects can help in creating effective strategies for managing remote work. Lots of people are finding that water cooler chitchat is a bigger part of their day than they realized. Those breaks provide important social interactions and can help you get a read on the office mood.

During this time, say between 11 am and 3 pm, everyone will be expected to work. This period is a great time to coordinate with colleagues, work on team projects, and host meetings. There are more distractions when working from home than in an office.

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An agenda outlines topics of discussion during your team’s meeting. Effective meeting agendas typically include discussion topics as well as allotted time slots. Zoom fatigue can happen when teams participate remote work fatigue in so many meetings that employees become exhausted. Here are a few solutions for Zoom fatigue to help you and your team avoid burnout. The age group most likely to work remotely are those aged 24 to 35 [7].

  • According to the basic rest-activity cycle (also known as BRAC), humans are optimized to pay attention for about 45 minutes, but at 90 minutes, our cognition drops significantly.
  • But you can stay sane and effective by keeping as much control of your work as possible and maintaining your processes by learning new technologies.
  • Zoom fatigue can happen when teams participate in so many meetings that employees become exhausted.
  • While there is no way around video conferencing in a virtual workplace, there are ways that you can make the experience less draining for your staff.

The constant stream of digital communication can lead to mental fatigue, underscoring the need for proper work boundaries and digital wellness strategies. Managing remote work fatigue necessitates a multifaceted approach comprising effective strategies and the right tools. Your well-being is paramount, and with the right strategies and support, you can conquer the challenges of remote work fatigue with confidence and resilience. Working from home provides many benefits, such as flexibility and the lack of a commute. However, remote workers may also work longer hours, have to share workspaces with family or roommates, and feel disconnected from the rest of the company. Add in a lack of physical activity and social interaction, pains from having wrong equipment, staring at screens, and it is easy to see how remote workers can get fatigued.

of workers want to work remote at least some of the time

To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. The Secrets to Happiness at Work as well as Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work. In addition, I’m a board member with the United Way of Greater Ottawa County and an executive council member with the CoDesign Collaborative. I’m an advisor for the Center for Leadership at Hope College as well  for the Michigan State University Master of Industrial Mathematics Program. I am also the vice president of workplace insights for Steelcase and I am on the faculty for CoreNet Global.

remote work fatigue

It’s no secret; everyone is under a great deal of stress right now. Between a record-breaking hurricane season, extensive wildfires, civil unrest, and a global pandemic; America is exhausted. As an employer, consider how you can help your workers minimize stress in their life at home. Taking breaks throughout the day is essential for fighting fatigue, but breaks can fall to the wayside when working from home. Research has shown that the work-from-home trend has led to people working more.

of remote workers say it’s harder to feel connected to their coworkers

Acknowledge that even if work from home offers freedom in some aspects, other elements can zap your energy. Adding exercise into the workday can release endorphins and provide a much needed mood boost. Perhaps watch training modules while on the treadmill, or take a midday lunch break to take a walk. Or, set a timer and get up to stretch and walk around for five minutes at the end of each hour.

remote work fatigue

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